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Heritage and the Olympics: People, Place and Performance – Now Available

I am very pleased to announce the publication of Heritage and the Olympics: People, Place and Performance. This text, co-edited by Sean Gammon of the University of Central Lancashire, me – Gregory Ramshaw of Clemson University, and Emma Waterton of the University of Western Sydney, is published by Routledge and available here.

The description from the Routledge website:

The Olympic Games have evolved into the most prestigious sport event on the planet. As a consequence, each Games generates more and more interest from the academic community. Sociology, politics, geography and history have all played a part in helping to understand the meanings and implications of the Games. Heritage, too, offers invaluable insights into what we value about the Games, and what we would like to pass on to future generations. Each Olympic Games unquestionably represents key life-markers to a broad audience across the world, and the great events that take place within them become worthy of remembrance, celebration and protection. The more tangible heritage features are also evident; from the myriad artefacts and ephemera found in museums to the celebratory symbolism of past Olympic venues and sites that have become visitor attractions in their own right. This edited collection offers detailed and thought-provoking examples of these heritage components, and illustrates powerfully the breadth, passion and cultural significance that the Olympics engender.

Given the cost of the text, I would strongly recommend that that you request it be purchased by your university library.  I imagine that there may be a trade paperback or e-book version of the text down the road but, for now, it is only available in hardback form.  

Further information, including table of contents, ISBN number, and ordering details are available via the Routledge website here:

My co-editors and I are pleased with this collection and hope it reaches as wide an audience as possible.  Thank you in advance for requesting a copy and for getting the word out!

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