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The Clemson Football Memories Project: Sharing Our Sport-Based Reminiscence Therapy Materials and Protocols

Last year, a team from Clemson University’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management developed and implemented a sport-based reminiscence therapy program a part of a pilot study linking sport heritage and recreational therapy. The program development and study were generously funded by the Robert H. Brooks Sports Science Institute. Given the cultural and historic importance of the Clemson University football program throughout South Carolina, it was decided to theme the program around the history, heritage, and traditions of Tigers football! The program was well-received and data is showing benefits for participants and practitioners alike:

The program also received local and national media attention:

We believe our program can be used in other settings, adapted to other football teams, and can even be applied to other sports. We also want others to be able to use our protocols in other contexts, including with their own loved-ones at home. As such, we are pleased to share our Clemson Football reminiscence therapy protocols and materials (simply click on the highlighted link for each section):

There is also a great organization in the United Kingdom, the Sporting Memories Network, who also provide sport-themed reminiscence therapy materials.

We’d love to hear how you are using the Clemson Football Memories program and if you are finding it to be a useful reminiscence therapy tool. Please provide comments at the bottom of this post, or please get in touch with either Dr. Brent Hawkins ( or Dr. Gregory Ramshaw (

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  1. […] Clemson Football Memories Project: The findings from this project, which links sport heritage (specifically about Clemson University’s football program) with reminiscence therapy, have been shared at academic conferences including the North American Society for Sport History (NASSH) conference in Winnipeg and the American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) Conference in Grand Rapids. The project, in fact, was awarded the Excellence in Education Award at ATRA. Findings will soon be submitted to peer-reviewed journals in both Recreational Therapy and Heritage Studies. The project team will also soon be meeting with members of the BasebALZ baseball reminiscence therapy project in Austin, and one of our project team members will be attending the Football Memories Scotland convention in Glasgow in November. It is hoped that these meeting will provide both learning opportunities and research directions for the project team as well as provide valuable networking connections within the sport-based reminiscence community. […]

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