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Heritage and Sport: An Introduction

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I am pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of Heritage and Sport: An Introduction. The book is published by Channel View Publications and is scheduled for release in Fall 2019.

Heritage and Sport: An Introduction provides a holistic view of the relationship between heritage and sport. It examines four types of sport heritage: tangible immovable sport heritage (sports venues, monuments and memorials, landscapes); tangible movable sport heritage (museums and halls of fame, events, living sport heritage); intangible sport heritage (intangibility of sport heritage, institutions, existential); and goods and services with a sport heritage component (tourism, marketing, management). It offers both theoretical and applied approaches to the heritage–sport relationship and intersects with many contemporary topics in heritage, sport, tourism, events and marketing. It will be useful to students and researchers in sport tourism, sport studies, heritage studies, sport history, museum studies and sports management. The table of contents is as follows:


The Relationship Between Heritage and Sport

Part 1 – Tangible Immovable Sport Heritage 

Sports Venues and Sport Heritage

Monuments, Memorials, and Sport Heritage

Landscapes and Sport Heritage

Part 2 – Tangible Movable Sport Heritage 

Sports Museums, Sports Halls of Fame, and Sport Heritage

Events and Sport Heritage

Living Sport Heritage

Part 3 – Intangible Sport Heritage 

Intangibility and Sport Heritage

Institutions and Sport Heritage

Existential Sport Heritage

Part 4 – Goods and Services with a Sport Heritage Component

Tourism and Sport Heritage

Marketing and Sport Heritage

Managing Sport Heritage


Future Directions in Sport Heritage

The book is currently available for pre-order from the following websites:

Channel View Publications, Amazon (US), Amazon (UK), and Amazon (Canada).

I will add further details about release dates etc. as they are received.



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