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Notes from the Sport Heritage Universe

A couple of quick hits from around the sport heritage universe:

  • The National Hockey League added a sixth outdoor hockey game to their 2013-14 schedule this week by resurrecting the Heritage Classic – played first in Edmonton in 2003 and later in Calgary in 2011 – for a game in Vancouver’s BC Place Stadium. Some of my early research, available here, centred on the Edmonton event and examined the construction of place by local, national, and international media. When the season is upon us (and it’s not 100 degrees outside), I will add my thoughts about the NHL’s decision to expand the number of outdoor hockey events – and, perhaps, how and why they’ve changed over the past decade.  However, needless to say, putting an “outdoor” game in a domed stadium (albeit one that has added a retractable roof) in a location that, climatically, cannot host outdoor hockey, is a bit of a twist.
  • Apparently the Kickstarter isn’t just for funding movie budgets anymore.  This group is trying to fund the development of a pinball museum in southern California. Wonder if other hobbyists – particularly those with private sports memorabilia collections – might do the same.
  • The National Rife Association (NRA) along with the outdoor retail store Bass Pro Shops are opening a National Sporting Arms Museum in Missouri. I haven’t written much about the politics of (sport) heritage yet, though this appears to be a textbook case.  Further, I find it interesting that the museum isn’t stand-alone, but rather will be part of a retail outlet.
  • Finally, as a follow-up to my previous post about personal heritages and cricket, I thought I’d share this photo taken at the St. Lawrence Ground in Canterbury last May. I’m not much of a photographer, but it does always make me feel that that place – at least in my experience – was a wee slice of heaven.


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