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Sport Heritage Mobilities

I am still wrapping my head around the idea of how particular heritages – sport or otherwise – are transported, translated, and re-enacted away from their points of origin. I see this often in sport heritage, not only in how particular heritages are borrowed – but, also, how some sport heritages, traditions, and rituals are mobile and become performed in different environments.  Again, I’m still figuring this out (it takes me awhile with theory sometimes, I’m afraid) and how to properly describe it, but I think the mobility of sport heritage could be a rather important topic.

As such, I bring you fans at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (or MCG for short) – a stadium that has a rich history and heritage – performing and translating a sporting tradition normally enacted on another continent, at a different stadium, thousands of miles away:

Yeah, I really have to figure what this all means.

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