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Seeking Subaltern Sport Heritages

I am seeking some examples of sport heritage that are constructed as a form of resistance, in that they are purposely challenging status quo understandings of the sporting past. Recently, I wrote about the case of the Southbank Skatepark and positioned it in terms of a kind of subaltern sport heritage – or a sport heritage that resists dominant and privileged interpretations of space and place.  I was also a co-author of an article in The International Journal of Heritage Studies that positioned Paralympic heritage as having subaltern sport heritage qualities.  However, as many sport heritages tend to be celebratory – or that resistant sport heritages have been adopted into mainstream, corporate, and official heritage discourses (thinking here of, say, the use of Jackie Robinson’s heritage by MLB) – sometimes those heritages that are challenging officialdom are often difficult to locate.

So, if you are aware of any sport heritages that could fall into the category of subaltern (and, particularly those that are visible in space and time – perhaps an event, or a temporary memorial, etc., associated with this heritage), please let me know via the usual channels – here on this blog, via twitter, or to my university email (

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.   

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