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Latest Research – “Heritage Sport Tourism in Canada”

I am very pleased to announce the publication of “Heritage Sport Tourism in Canada” in Tourism Geographies. The manuscript was authored by Tom Hinch of the University of Alberta and myself, Gregory Ramshaw of Clemson University

From the abstract:

The objective of this paper is to illustrate the opportunities and challenges of heritage sport tourism by examining (1) the Arctic Winter Games and (2) the Canadian Football League as heritage sport tourism attractions in Canada. A review of the heritage sport tourism literature provides the context for this assessment. Key opportunities were found in (1) the manifestation of sport as a meaningful form of culture; (2) sport’s impact on collective identity and by extension – destination image and (3) unique connections of sport heritage to place that can be positioned for competitive advantage. The central challenges include those associated with (1) processes of globalization and (2) the fragmented nature of the heritage sport tourism industry. 

A limited number of copies are available for download from this link

An additional note – this manuscript was, in part, a tribute to my dear friend and colleague Rod Murray.  Rod was an brilliant scholar and amazing person, and there isn’t a day that goes when I don’t think about him.  He is well and truly missed.  Peace and much love, my friend. No Pain. 

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