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Journal of Heritage Tourism: Sport Heritage Issue

The full issue of the special “Sport Heritage and Tourism” edition of the Journal of Heritage Tourism is now available on-line and in print. I am thrilled with the breadth and depth of the contributions, and I truly believe that this collection moves the sport heritage debate in some new and exciting directions.

To recap, here is the full rundown of the papers and contributors:


  1. Editorial: Sport, Heritage, and Tourism – Gregory Ramshaw, Clemson University
  2. It Still Goes On: Football and the Heritage of the Great War in Britain – Ross Wilson, University of Chichester
  3. Indigenous Sport and Heritage: Cherbourg’s Ration Shed Museum – Murray Phillips, University of QueenslandGary Osmond, University of Queensland & Sandra Morgan, Cherbourg Historical Precinct Group 
  4. Identity in the “Road Racing Capital of the World”: Heritage, Geography and Contested Spaces – Ray Moore, University of YorkMatthew Richardson, Manx National Heritage & Claire Corkill, University of York
  5. Heroes as Heritage: The Commoditization of Sporting Achievement – Sean Gammon, University of Central Lancashire
  6. A Canterbury Tale: Imaginative Genealogies and Existential Heritage Tourism at the St. Lawrence Ground – Gregory Ramshaw, Clemson University


A heartfelt thanks to all who played a role in the issue’s production: contributors, reviewers, grad assistants, and production staff, to name but a few.  Also a huge thanks to the journal’s editor, Dr. Dallen Timothy, for his support throughout.

Happy Reading/Sharing/Critiquing/Citing!

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