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Tour of Flanders

I am at the Leisure Studies Association (LSA) conference in Paisley (Glasgow), Scotland this week, and will be presenting a paper tomorrow called Pedaling through the Past: Sport heritage, tourism development, and the Tour of Flanders.”  The paper is co-authored with Tim Bottelberghe of Tourism East-Flanders, a former student of mine, and looks at sport heritage as a vehicle for tourism development, with the Tour of Flanders being the focus of our study.

Tim and I have a version of this paper coming out in Tourism Review International later this year, but our presentation at LSA includes updated information about some of the sport heritage initiatives that Tourism East-Flanders has incorporated – to varying degrees of success.

In any event, and as a preview, I thought I’d share our Powerpoint presentation from the conference for download via the link below. When our paper has been published, I’ll also offer a link and further discussion about why I believe that the Tour of Flanders is an interesting case for those interested in sport heritage and its relationship to tourism. Enjoy!

Tour of Flanders – LSA Presentation Final (7.4.14)

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