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New Sport Heritage Book

I am very pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of Sport Heritage, an edited text published by Routledge that will be available in January 2015

The book’s description from the Routledge website:

Sport has become an important avenue in how we interpret, remember, and maintain our heritage. Whether it is being applied in tourism marketing and development, employed as a vehicle for social cohesion, or utilized as a way of articulating personal and collective identities, sport heritage is a vital topic in understanding what we value about the sporting past now what we wish to pass on to future generations. This edited collection brings together many new and exciting international approaches to sport heritage. Each of the chapters in this collection provides a thought-provoking sport heritage case study that would be of interest to students and researchers in history, geography, anthropology, and marketing, as well as industry practitioners working at sporting events, at sports-based heritage attractions such as museums and halls of fame, and at sports stadia and sports facilities. In addition, this collection would also be of interest to those readers with a more general interest in sport heritage and the sporting past.

All information, including the table of contents and ordering information (including the all important “Recommend to Librarian” button) are available from the Routledge website here. At the moment, it is a very expensive text (depending on sales, more affordable trade paperback and e-copies of the text may be available in the future) – therefore, I strongly recommend that you request that your library purchase a copy.  I would also really appreciate it if you could forward information about the book to any interested colleagues.  Of course, I would also be happy to answer any questions about the book as well.

Sport heritage research has come a long ways in the past decade or so, and I think this collection reflects not only how far we’ve come as a topic area but also provides some great platforms for exciting and innovative sport heritage research in the future. 

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